TIPS:if you file a claim

The Inserra Law Firm is Florida’s number one  Workers’ Compensation Law Firm providing a staggering amount of satisfied clients who received the funds and justice they deserved and The Inserra Law Firm is ready to do just the same for you. 


Have you or a loved one recently suffered from an accident at work? Many concerns may arise such as where will the money come from to pay the bills? When will the money come?who talks to the insurance company? Here at the Inserra Law Firm we have you completely covered. Getting you the most compensation  for your accident in the most timely manner possible. Allow us to do the talking for you. You’ve been through enough and we understand that. 


Why hire a lawyer?

Many individuals are surprised and outraged to find their employer has disputed their claim and in many cases have a legal team for the sole reasoning of having to pay out as little as possible. You may not be able to take on a whole company on your own but with The Inserra Law Firm representing you we fight them so you can focus on your life and leave the rest to us. We talk to the insurance companies whom we have built a long and trusted relationship with. We take on the lawyers who represent your employer and we know all of their strategies.

1.  Seek out medical attention.
2.  Make your company aware of the incident.
3. File your claim A.S.A.P.
4. Select a doctor without a bias toward the insurance company
5. Recall the events as vividly as possible and  your original story
6. Give limited medical authorizations.          
7. Be aware the insurance company is keeping tabs on you.
8. Be prepared for Immediate 
Medical Examination
9. Beware and aware of recorded statements.                                        10. Understand your disability rating.
11. Keep track of the claims process.
12. Strongly consider hiring a lawyer that specializes in Workers' Compensation such as Andrew Inserra of Inserra Law Firm.