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  • Do not make any statements until your lawyer is present and has consulted you in private

  • Call your lawyer right away

  • Remain calm

  • Do not admit to any wrongdoing

  • Do not consent to any searches

  • Remain peaceful and don't resist the arrest

  • If you are outside of your home upon arrest DO NOT accept an offer to go back into your house to retrieve any items or for any other reason.

  • When retrieving any items from your pockets inform the police that you are reaching for an item in your pocket and what that item is so they don't have any reason to believe you're reaching for a weapon.

Tips If You Are Under Arrest:

Criminal Defense

When an individual is arrested or expecting to be arrested it is important to have a criminal defense attorney from the inception of that individual's case until the official closing of that case.  The law is subject to many different interpretations and understandings, and our job here at The Inserra Law Firm, is to provide you the best services in interpreting and working with those laws to reach the best possible outcome to suit your interests.


Why Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney for My Criminal Case?

 Hiring not just an attorney but an experienced attorney is the most important decisions to make when you have found yourself prosecuted by the law. An experienced attorney, like Andrew Inserra, will have a firm grasp of the judicial system, have spent years developing relationships with prosecutors, has most likely dealt with several cases similar to yours, and assess law enforcement conduct during your arrest. Your future depends on your attorney's ability to interpret and connect all of these elements to understand where you stand in your case and get your charges minimized or even dropped. One of the hardest things to find is a good criminal defense attorney that is always there to talk while walking you through every step of your case.  Attorney Andrew Inserra is one of the rare great attorneys that takes the time to talk to all of his clients throughout their judicial process and experience.

Getting Proper Legal Counsel For My Criminal Case

 It is imperative to have proper legal counsel to ensure you receive the best overall outcome to your criminal case. From the very first moment of your arrest every second can dictate whether you are found innocent or guilty, free or incarcerated. A criminal defense attorney is an expert on the intricacies of every aspect of the law and how it's interpreted based on infinite possibilities of context, scenario, given information known, and how that information came to be known, and so many other variables that can pop up within a case. A keen understanding of what to make of all these variables is what makes up your narrative within the case and ultimately makes you the hero or villain of your case or trial.


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