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> Have you or some one you know been accused of breaking the law?

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Tips If You Are Under Arrest:

  • Do not make any statements until your lawyer is present and has consulted you in private

  • Call your lawyer right away

  • Remain calm

  • Do not admit to any wrongdoing

  • Do not consent to any searches

  • Remain peaceful and don't resist the arrest

  • If you are outside of your home upon arrest DO NOT accept an offer to go back into your house to retrieve any items or for any other reason.

  • When retrieving any items from your pockets inform the police that you are reaching for an item in your pocket and what that item is so they don't have any reason to believe you're reaching for a weapon.

> Have you or some one you know been in an accident?

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  • Auto accidents

  • Uber and Lyft accidents

  • Slip and Fall accidents

  • Boat accidents

  • Bicycle and Pedestrian


  • Wrongful Death

  • Head and Brain injuries

  • Burn injuries

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